Fund of Excellence

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We invest in PEOPLE. Literally.

You don’t need to show us your books. We know, you are more than the sum of your parts. Motivation and instinct; Wisdom and integrity, these are just as important as your assets and liabilities. We are here to find the potential in you. So don’t sell us your numbers. Show us what drives you.



We are looking for the rising stars of your generation.

You’re attending an excellent university, you have charisma in spades, exciting career prospects and a vision for your future in which we can really believe.

We’d like to offer you an opportunity for financial partnership. We invest up to 100.000 euro in your education and the launch of your career, and in return we receive a share of your income for a set time period of time. Show us what you’ve got.


We invest in people, so don’t try to sell us your business idea. Let us get to know you as a person. Why? We can’t know for sure if your business idea will take off or flop, but if we believe in you, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Through highs and lows, we’ll work towards your dreams together.



Child. Career. Parental leave. Can you manage everything alone or do you need financial support?

Many parents find themselves pushed away from their professional goals by the pressures and necessities of childcare, or the care of an aging older generation. Alternative childcare options can be so limited, and so expensive that they find themselves forced to choose between their family’s well-being and their own passions and professional aspirations. In the continual challenge to balance your professional and family life, we’ve got your back. We support you.